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Definition of gender violence

The concept of gender violence is relatively new and has been imposed in our >type of violence that one gender or sex exerts on the other, that is, the violent action of a man to a Woman or vice versa . As a consequence that cases of violence against men against women are more common and denounced, the concept that concerns us is usually linked more to the violence that men do against women, usually couples, boyfriends, spouses.
This violence can be strictly physical , causing in the most serious cases severe injuries and even death, or also psychic, that is, being sustained by verbal aggressions and threats.

However, it should be noted that gender-based violence, beyond what sex it exerts against the other, has an increasingly prominent presence in our society and undoubtedly constitutes one of the social scourges against which the most that must be fought since prevention and the action, for example, raising awareness so that the aggressor is denounced beyond the fear or threats received and the link that is maintained with him.

Without a doubt, fear is one of the most present issues in cases of gender-based violence and, of course, it tends to paralyze those who suffer from it in every aspect and in particular it generates an extreme fear that the woman or whoever Don't report the attack and harassment.

Another important aspect that should be highlighted in this context is that it is very important in the context of raising awareness and addressing the issue of gender-based violence that it becomes clear that affected women are not guilty or responsible and that of course they do not deserve that violent treatment, though, whoever mistreats them has exposed them and proposed them. Because it is recurring that those women or individuals who have been subjected to gender violence express at some point their responsibility for having been assaulted, because they did not do something that they were asked or said. This is undoubtedly crazy and we must eradicate this thought so harmful and infamous.

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