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The word view supports several uses ...

When something, an object, a garment, even an idea, among others, turns out to be widely known by most people, which transforms into something extremely common and far from the original, we usually say that it is very visible . The shirt you put on today is really very visible, put on something more unique .

On the other hand, at the request of biology , seen, it turns out to be one of the bodily senses with which we have human beings and animals and that is characterized because it is what allows us to appreciate colors, things, other animals and the other people from the eyes . The view is not working well, I did not recognize you at all .

At the request of the law , we also find a particular reference to the term seen, since it designates the action through which it is associated with a court to that trial or incident in question, with the objective of determining a corresponding ruling , paying attention to both the defense and any interested party attending the aforementioned hearing . The judge has arrived to proceed to the hearing .

In areas such as construction , architecture and design , the word view is used regularly to account for windows, doors and even galleries in buildings or houses and which are the spaces through which the exterior light enters and It can also be seen from them .

Meanwhile, in the field of customs , the word view designates that professional employee who deals with the registration of goods .

Likewise, the term view is used to refer to the following questions: the action and the effect resulting from seeing; the look; the eyes of human beings; the outward appearance of someone or something; an in-depth mastery over something or someone; that land or landscape that can be appreciated from a certain point; to the painting that paints a landscape or the photograph that immortalizes this or that place; the encounter or reunion with an individual .

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