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No to effort, yes to leisure

The word vague is used in our hiring .

An existence without obligations or commitments

Meanwhile, we must also say that this apathetic and selfless attitude that the lazy person shows towards work, is usually accompanied by other inclinations such as being lying and resting for as long as possible and always privileging activities related to leisure and work. recreation The lazy person will like it much more so to go to bed late and sleep all day instead of getting up early to go to work and fulfill other obligations that life demands .

Obviously, in certain moments of life vagrancy constitutes a very serious problem because the person will not try to develop according to what he has, which can be nothing, and then he will not be able to satisfy his basic needs nor develop expectations of growth in life.

In the life of people, especially adults, there must be a healthy balance between the responsibility of work and leisure, because being at one end or another will not be good at all, because or it will end in the most absolute vagrancy and lack of production , or in the stress of not stopping for a second to enjoy.

In this sense, the concept that is clearly contrasted is that of a worker.

Something that confuses

But there is another meaning attributed to this word in our >confusing, inaccurate or indeterminate to refer to a specific issue or situation . For example, "the suspect gave a vague explanation about what he was doing at the time the crime was committed . "

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