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The concept at hand has several extended uses in our >

Belonging to the vulgar: popular sector of a society

When someone or something is called vulgar, it is because their characteristics, behaviors, appearance, among other issues, tell us that they are a worthy representative of the vulgar , as the common popular people are called.

Rude, in bad taste

Meanwhile, the most common use that is given to the term, taking into account the aforementioned, is to refer to what is rude, ordinary, and in bad taste, and therefore deserves condemnation or a challenge.

Normally this type of behavior occurs in people who do not have a good education or who are characterized by being disrespectful at all times and in all contexts.
Meanwhile, those well-educated individuals do not usually present these types of vulgar actions, or for the time being avoid them in those places where they may be improper or improper.
Maria made a very vulgar gesture after defeating her rival. Speaking with your mouth full turns out to be the most vulgar habit I hate . ”

Rudeness, bad words, also called swear words, and some gestures , such as lifting your middle finger, picking your nose with your finger and taking your genitals with your hands, are considered vulgar.

In any case, as far as acceptance that has been given to it, therefore, it may be that when it is use in another country its meaning does not remit any vulgar connotation .

But beware, that bad words do not exclusively conform vulgar >run old that I cannot pass , you are using words that do not keep vulgarity in themselves, however, the tone, the absolutely disrespectful way especially against an elder make The comment is considered very vulgar .

There are also behaviors and actions that a person develops and that are associated with vulgarity and bad education, such is the case of talking while eating, or also eating by hand without using cutlery when food does demand it .

Other objectives of vulgar people are usually sacred questions or associated with taboo issues in a society.
So it will be considered a vulgarity that someone breaks a religious image or manifests roughly on a saint or ecclesiastical authority .

On the other hand, vulgarity is usually linked to sexual issues, for example, when someone refers to sex using the most vulgar words that are called male or female genitals.

That common and without originality

Another use of the word is given to refer to what is common or general and therefore opposes the technical .

Also, when something is presented lacking originality it is usually called vulgar.

On the other hand, as we said, vulgarity is in close association with the bad taste that someone displays in some aspect, for example in the decoration of their house, or in the way in which they dress regularly.

While on the subject of the latter many may argue that in matters of taste there is nothing made law and that everyone has the right to dress or decorate their home with what they like, even if it is vulgar or lacking in charm and elegance, the truth is that the common people observe these things a lot and question them when they consider that they are not within the parameters that are posited as elegant.

In the matter of clothing, those hyper tight or very short garments that many women usually wear are usually considered vulgar. Dresses, miniskirts, among others, that show too much anatomy and curves are usually seen as vulgar by much of the fashion establishment.

And finally we must say that at some point in history those arts that were produced manually were considered as vulgar while they were contrasted with those that implied the intellect and were believed to be higher and more surpassing.

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