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The term vandal can be used both as a noun or as a qualifying adjective. In common Roman Empire in the West in check in the fifth century. The Vandals were a Germanic people that were on the borders of the Empire , more specifically in central Europe, from where they began to press for land, benefits and rewards. The idea of violence and aggression was historically associated with this word since, like the rest of the barbarian peoples, the Vandals used violent and bloody methods to penetrate the Roman Empire, besieging the populations installed there, taking spoils of war and destroying The cities founded. For the considered greater civilization of the West (the Roman), the actions of these groups were always understood as acts of savagery and violence.

Today, the word vandal is used to refer to a person or a group of people who act in the same way, organized or not, to destroy, steal, loot and violate private property, etc. Vandalism is a very common social phenomenon in today's societies in which violence is a constant feature. Many times, vandalism has to do with deeper causes such as misery, poverty , inequality and neglect in which a population may be plunged, but many times vandalism has no apparent causes other than pleasure than a person or group of people can generate the destroy and break.

It is normal for acts of vandalism to be carried out when demonstrations, protest marches, etc. are held. but also vandalism is a common action of groups not politically committed as for example happens with the barrabravas or violent football fans who use these means not as a form of protest but simply as a way to take advantage, steal, loot and destroy everything that is find in its path.

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