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The debate over controversial moves is an inherent part of football. Sports commentators and fans discuss all kinds of game releases that are not easily appreciated by the human eye.

The referee and his assistants make valuation errors that may determine the victory of one or the other team. The VAR is a new technology that seeks to solve the conflict related to controversial moves. Its acronym in English corresponds to Video Assistant Referee, which means Assistant Video Referee. In the world soccer championship held in Russia in the summer of 2018, this procedure of assistance to the referees was officially introduced.

Performance and objectives

This technological tool allows four people to watch the game and at the same time be in contact with the referee through a radio system with fiber optics . The members of the VAR have more than thirty television cameras with which they can review all the controversial moves. However, they only act in four types of cases:

1) to cancel or grant validity to a goal,

2) in situations where there could be a penalty,

3) in those actions where a player could be expelled and

4) to identify the offender of a foul when the arbitrator has any doubt about it.

VAR members contact the arbitrator when these circumstances arise. Of the members of the VAR, there is one dedicated exclusively to analyzing the possible offside. The cameras that are used allow the observation of the play with total precision.

The approach of this system is to intervene as little as possible in arbitration decisions and, at the same time, achieve greater effectiveness in controversial situations. Naturally, the objective of the VAR is to make the outcome of a match as fair as possible.

The use of technology generates two conflicting opinions

Technological advances often incorporate changes in social assessments. The introduction of the VAR is a good example of this. Some fans believe that it is a positive and necessary measure, since it significantly reduces human error.

The referee will continue to have a leading role but with this system his logical errors of interpretation will be reduced.

Another sector of the world of football thinks otherwise, because it is understood that this technology is against a fundamental element in this sport : passionate discussion. Thus, with the VAR a new version of Maradona's "hand of God" will no longer be possible at the World Cup in Mexico in 1986 or many other controversial moments that marked the history of football.

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