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Definition of maelstrom

The female noun vortex comes from the Latin vorago and means swirl. From this primordial meaning, this word has three meanings.

Maelstrom in the aquatic environment

In the sea, in a river or in a lake they occur occasionally when intense eddies that can cause shipwrecks or that a person ends up drowning. Thus, in the sentence "a maelstrom on the coast caused the sinking of the small boat" refers to this natural phenomenon.

The word maelstrom is, therefore, synonymous with eddy. In this sense it must be specified that not all eddies are equal. Some of them are very particular, as is the case with the Maelstrom, a giant whirlpool that acts as a crushing current.

Intense and contradictory passions

The feeling of passion can be presented in an intense and disorderly way. This is what happens in the love field. The lover sometimes feels love and hate at the same time and this contradiction is valued as a whirlwind of feelings .

The concept of maelstrom is equally applicable in situations related to betrayal, disappointment or despair. As with the eddies in the aquatic environment, we have feelings with a certain resemblance, because we are absorbed by a force that we cannot control.

Confusing situations

On those occasions when confusion prevails, the tumult of people and a clear social disorder, the term maelstrom is used. In this sense there is talk of a maelstrom of events, which refers to a chaotic situation full of difficulties.

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To refer to an event of nature we use the word maelstrom and its meaning is projected to human situations where confusion and chaos prevail (confusion can be in the individual's own spirit or be a situation that occurs in the street).

The word maelstrom allows us to remember that this kind of parallels between the environment among people it is said that you can "cut the air " and when someone recovers optimism we say that again "the sun rises" in his heart

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