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The empty term is undoubtedly a term of great complexity , the meaning of which can be analyzed both from a completely scientific and empirical point of view, as well as from a social and psychological point of view. With regard to its specific definition, emptiness is the absolute lack of matter, that space in which nothing exists, no living being nor dead matter. On the planet, physically empty places are very difficult to find although the feeling of emptiness can be generated by resorting to certain mechanisms.

The physical and natural emptiness has to do, then, with the lack of matter. This means that there can be no water, no earth, no fire or air in the given space. In scientific terms, the only place in which these conditions of complete emptiness have been found is precisely the outer space that is reached after crossing the Earth's atmosphere. There, the absolute lack of matter generates completely different conditions than we are used to here on our planet.

However, physical emptiness can also be understood as spaces in which there is no air despite having other matter. Such is the case of vacuum packed products. This means that, in order to keep better and longer, such products have been packaged after all the air inside a container has been removed. Many other situations and circumstances also called 'vacuum' exist in order to analyze , verify or obtain certain results.

As stated at the beginning, emptiness is not just a physical or natural phenomenon. In many cases, the term empty is used to refer to emotional or psychological states of people. Feeling the emotional , professional , work or any other vacuum means that the individual in question does not find the support from which to hold and feels, therefore, lost in the day-to-day life of the society in which he lives. It is as if he felt the absence of what other people possess easily. This painful and painful situation is very characteristic of today's societies in which the maelstrom of everyday life, stress, lack of true communication , individualism and materialism are features that contribute to making us feel empty of essence at certain moments of our life.

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