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The conception of value is multiple and can refer to a variety of elements. In general, the term is used to measure or weigh the qualities of an object, individual and / or situation or reality and determine whether it is positive or negative, that is, the value provides an estimate about the aforementioned things, for example, such thing or person suits us or does not suit us at all in our plan or goal ...

So, values ​​in this sense are rather principles that will allow us to guide our behavior in relation to the goal of personal fulfillment. Belief in such value and not in another will make us prefer this or that or reject the other. Likewise, values ​​are a way to satisfy desires or to reach fullness.

Value and behavior, a close and feedback partnership

The person who acts in this or that way will do so without a doubt depending on the beliefs he has and of course the values, for example, the value that is in a given issue will result in an action with respect to it. When it is popularly said that an individual lives according to the values ​​he proclaims, he will be widely considered because he respects his values ​​and acts in tune with them. These types of people always decide to act based on the values ​​in which they believe.

Having values, especially with regard to the relationship with the environment and the rest of society, will help the person to perform satisfactorily in any field since he is clear about what he will do or not in a given event. It is more difficult to confront a person who does not have values ​​because they do not know or they will have a vague idea of ​​how they will respond to a given event.

Values: ethics and moral

On the other hand, when one speaks of "values" in the plural, often this expression is related to the ethics and morals of an individual or group of individuals.

According to the different socio-historical contexts, values ​​may vary, while the ethics and morals of societies also differ.

Values ​​and their contribution to the harmonious coexistence of a society

Each individual as a result of the position in which he was born or the education he received will have certain values ​​that are the consequence of it. Rather, they will come from your inner part and guide your actions in certain situations of life that you must choose between this or that path. However, for this situation we must emphasize that the personal values ​​of each person may differ from those of another and this is precisely because none comes from the same place or has had no experience.

In as much and on the other hand, the general human values ​​or also denominated universal are characterized by being agreed, accepted and respected socially by the majority of the people, and the people we acquire them as a consequence of the socialization processes to which we are subjected in Family education first and then at school.

In reference to the more general human values, it can be affirmed that it is those that strengthen man in his human quality and in his relationship with other men, those that constitute man as an exemplary being among other beings.

Many of them have to do with the belonging of man to a family or social environment and are linked to respect, tolerance, honesty , loyalty, effort, responsibility , solidarity and dignity. More recently, communication began to be considered in the different orders of life (family, work, social, recreational) as relevant in terms of exchange and relationship value.

In short, human values ​​are those that give greatness to man overcoming his own individual freedoms and interests, in pursuit of those ideas and actions that benefit society in general and his neighbor.

In turn, values ​​are associated with different contexts of belonging, in many cases religions are the environment that gives framework to the solidarity practices of man, but also non-profit organizations in various societies of the world seek to promote the conservation of the values ​​and the persecution of visions and missions more human and significant, fighting for causes that they consider just as peace and love.

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