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varon Male is the denomination they receive and that identifies the individuals who hold and are male possessors . Although many often use the word man as a synonym for male, in reality, that of male is the one that best describes this gender and that should be used to distinguish it from female. This peculiar situation and the clarification are due to the fact that in recent years, the term man has been used interchangeably to refer to men or women, that is, many use it to refer to the human race, regardless of the gender to which they belong or well when the male in question has reached adulthood. The term male does not distinguish between ages, male will be called the baby, adolescent or adult who holds the masculine as a gender .

Biologically, the male is the one who, in the situation of reproduction, will assume the role of donor of the sexual cell (sperm), which will be the one that once he finds and fertilizes the woman's ovum will give rise to the offspring and the one that carries the genetic information . On the other hand, the testosterone hormone that in men is found in high amounts and that is almost typical of the male gender, since in women it is found but in very few quantities, it allows the development of their muscles without much effort . Unlike women, the male sexual organs meet externally.

Among the sexual characteristics of men that make them more attractive and desirable for the opposite sex and that in some sense also speak of their masculinity, the following are included: strong and serious tone of voice, a stature generally superior to the one held by women, facial hair, triangular shape of the torso, thanks to the broad chest and a narrow pelvis, greater body mass compared to women, thick dark skin, tendency to baldness and lack of subcutaneous fat .

And among the stereotypes that the male or male gender usually hosts, the more traditional say that men tend to be more aggressive, energetic, strong, competitive and rational than women .

Of course and more with the information that exists today at our disposal, all these characteristics, only, do not serve us to distinguish one sex from the other, that is, by the mere fact of having these does not mean that the person feels male or act as such. The numerous cases of different sexual choices such as transvestism, transsexualism or homosexuality show us that these are not enough. Other issues such as the psychology of each person, the environment and experiences among others are those that contribute to determining the identity or sexual preference of people.

Although what I will tell you is not a biological law , much less, but it is the product of observation and studies of experts, it is believed that men have a life expectancy less than that of women, about 7 years in their favor and that color blindness, Alzheimer's disease and autism are the diseases that stalk them the most.

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