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Definition of Superfluous

It is said that something is superfluous when the function it performs is not relevant and, therefore, it is something unnecessary or expendable. This adjective comes from the Latin word "superfluus", which in its literal sense means "flowing over".

Innecesary expenses

In the domestic economy , two types of expenses are usually talked about: the necessary and the superfluous. The first are those of which it is not possible to dispense, such as food consumption , the payment of the electricity supply or of any product or service that is essential. However, sometimes we buy products that we really do not need and when this happens there is a superfluous expense.

The world of appearances and chonis and canis

Those people who give much importance to appearances are considered superficial. They are individuals whose interests focus on fashion, fun, gossip and body care.

The superficiality in the human being is as old as humanity itself. However, in recent years there has been a social phenomenon to refer to these types of individuals. The term chonismo is normally used to refer to chonis women. The choni wears with bright colors, likes piercings and tattoos, wears shoes with platforms and makes up her makeup in an exaggerated way.

Apart from its aesthetics, it has a poor academic background and its own jargon. The cani is the male version of the choni and his favorite garments are the tracksuit, the tight t-shirts with suspenders, the caps and the sneakers. Somehow, chonis and canis are the prototype of superficial women and men.

While both terms are exclusive to Spain, this human category exists worldwide with some small variants. The aesthetics and values ​​of these individuals have become popular through some television programs, the well-known realities shores.

A phenomenon at the planetary level

The reality shore is a television format that emerged in the United States and that in a few years has spread to countries such as Mexico, Colombia or Spain.

Those who participate in these programs are characterized by two fundamental aspects: they have a great concern for their aesthetics and physical appearance and entertainment is their main vital objective.

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