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verbal Regarding the term 'verb', the word verbal serves as an adjective for what has to do with the use of communication . For example, a verbal aggression is, unlike other types of aggressions, that develops through the use of explicit and not implicit or hidden words.

Traditionally, the adjective of 'verbal' is used to refer to a type of communication that is established through the use of oral >

In many situations, the term 'verbal' also applies to situations in which speech is important, for example when referring to verbal violence as opposed to physical violence . In this sense, the value of the word is always recognized as a value perhaps even more important than that of the acts, since the human being can express deep grievances through them. However, words and verbal communication also allow us to clarify our positive feelings .

By opposite definition, we understand by nonverbal communication everything that serves to express feelings, values or thoughts but through other elements that are not speech. In this group we can include the different types of gestures and facial expressions, movements and postures of the body. All of them constitute ways of expressing our feelings indirectly, and in many cases this type of involuntary and spontaneous communication can be.

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