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Definition of Zero Kilometer

It presents two different uses. On the one hand, it is a denomination that allows to determine the geographical space in a precise way and that normally serves as a reference point in the measurement of roads. On the other, it is a type of vehicles that are put up for sale and that have specific characteristics.

In most countries there is a place that serves as a reference point

If we take as an example the capital of Spain, at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid there is a granite and brass tile on the ground with the following indication: "Origin of the radial roads". Below these words appears the indication Km. 0 and in the center a map with the silhouette of Spain (at the bottom of the tile there are two shields, one is the emblem of the Road Engineers and another is the old shield of the city ​​of Madrid). With this reference the kilometers of the main roads of the Spanish territory are counted.

The national roads that started from Madrid began to be built in the 15th century and since then this kilometer zero serves as a measurement reference

The tile that specifies the exact place to measure the distances was laid in 1950.

In other capitals of the world this type of indication is also found. In Paris the "Point Zero" is located at the entrance of the Notre Dame Cathedral, in London it is located at the Charing Cross train station, in Buenos Aires at the Congress Square and in Moscow at the Red Square. Apart from their usefulness as a geographical reference point, these places have a tourist interest.

Like many other traditions and cultural references, it comes from the civilization of Ancient Rome. The Milliarium Aereum or Golden Miliary in the city of Rome is located very close to the temple of Saturn and this place was where the roads of the entire Roman Empire started .

In the car world

If someone has the purpose of acquiring a car, he has two options: buy a totally new one or a second-hand one. However, there is an intermediate option: to acquire a new vehicle that has already been registered and with which some kilometers have been made for some logistical reason (for example, that vehicle that has been used for potential buyers to test their driving).

In this sense, a car that had already traveled 500 kilometers would not be in this category .

Vehicles of type Km 0 offer an important advantage for potential buyers: their price presents a significant discount , usually between 5 and 20% compared to an unregistered vehicle. As a general guideline, the guarantee of these vehicles is the same as a new vehicle that has not yet been registered.

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