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Symbol, gesture, sign whose function is to notify or inform about any issue

The symbol, gesture, or other type of sign whose function is to notify or report any question is designated by the Signal term. Therefore, the signal that it does is replace the written word or > They generally respond to conventions in society or in groups, so they will be easily understood and interpreted by almost everyone .

And it is important that it be so to avoid complications in terms of non-understanding, decoding. Think of someone who travels to a country and does not know the >

Located in visible places and will show different colors and shapes

When the sign represents a symbol, it will be located in visible places and will have different colors and shapes, usually these flashy so that they wake up people's attention if they have the function of communicating information highly important for life and health care .

In the case of signals made through gestures, they are made by people through their hands, arms, legs. Likewise, the signals can be represented in other ways, for example with flags or using some type of light, such as that of the lighthouses on the coasts, especially when the thing is about maritime navigation.

Various types of signals

Then, from all the aforementioned the existence of various types of signals follows, including: safety signal, traffic signal, maritime flag signals, danger signals, railway signals, analog signals, digital signals and computer signal .

Meanwhile, of all these, the most common ones we encounter almost daily are traffic signs and danger signs . The first are signs placed on poles or painted on the streets or highways to impart the information that both motorists and pedestrians need in order to travel safely.
In addition, to avoid that even >

And those of danger are those that are used to warn people who are or are about to enter a dangerous area for their integrity, so they should avoid it or failing to do so take appropriate precautions.

There are public places or private spaces in which people or any other living or material being can be plausible to suffer a vital risk. So, an effective way to prevent accidents or any other complex situation is to use danger signs, because its clear objective is to alert people who are close to or within a dangerous area. Then, with that knowledge they should avoid it or take the precautions and protections that the case demands.

But although the referenced lines reference is undoubtedly the most popular use of the word we must emphasize that there are others that have also become popular.

Variation of an electric current or any other physical quantity

On the other hand, a signal can be manifested through the variation of an electric current or any other physical quantity that is used, in order to transmit information .

Brand that distinguishes things

Also, the brand that is put in a timely manner in things with the aim of distinguishing them from others is known as a signal .

Skin scar

On the other hand, the scar, mark on the skin or on any other surface that has left something is known as a sign .

Money that goes ahead

And on the other hand, the amount of money that the total is advanced or anticipated in some contracts or at the request of making a purchase is designated by the signal term . For example, I left $ 300 as a sign for the pharmacy furniture I bought.

Field of coverage in cellular telephony

In these times that run where the cell phone practically brings together all the telephone conversations that people do, the signal term is certainly popular since it is called the field layout, antenna coverage to make a call to another mobile , to a landline or to send a text message to another cell phone.

When there is no signal directly, because it is in an area of ​​non-coverage of the company or where there is no antenna or when the signal that is there is poor, as in some areas or public buildings, establishing communication via cell phone is certainly difficult.

A hint

And also the word signal is widely used as a synonym for something. That is, through the succession of something, of a behavior , action or behavior, knowledge is taken of an issue. "The presence of my brother was a sign that something bad was happening with my father."

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