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libertad_de_expresion_2 The expression of the wishes, thoughts and emotions of a person is called expression . By extension it is usually used to refer to all types of manifestation or phenomenon caused by another.

The notion of expressing something is linked to that of showing it as patent and evident to the rest of the people and it should not be surprising that it is a necessity that has been present since the dawn of humanity.

For example, as cave paintings on the walls made by primitive men that reflected their daily lives can be found in caves, showing scenes of obtaining resources through hunting. This primal tendency is still present and signifies our lives.

The refinement and natural evolution of this human characteristic is carried out in art . Through this, elements perceptible by the senses are used to account for the intimate reality of each man. Thus, for example, music uses sounds, color painting , sculpture and architecture of forms and word use literature . All the civilizations that populated the world had a culture formed by the integration of these expressive variants.

Now, the basic means that man has used to express himself and communicate, beyond the preceding refinements, is without a doubt the verbal > . It is very interesting to see that despite all the differences between the different >communication of the beasts among their peers.

So far, the most obvious and conspicuous forms among the forms of expression of man; nevertheless, the development of each man in his life can be calmly understood as the attempt (sometimes truncated, sometimes successful) to express himself.

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