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The alleged Philadelphia experiment took place on August 12, 1943 aboard a US Navy warship, the USS Eldridge. It should be noted that this was not the original name of the operation, since in the official documents it was called Project Rainbow.

A myth of war

In a context of war like the one the United States lived during those years, the appearance of hoaxes, lies or myths is always more recurrent than usual. It is in this context that the Philadelphia Experiment episode should be framed.

According to the story, the US army was after the search for technology that allowed them to make their ships invisible. In those years the American Navy was surpassed by the innovative German technology in relation to its submarines. In this sense, German submarines were virtually undetectable and, consequently, wreaked havoc on enemy destroyers. Faced with this situation, the American Navy decided to convene the best scientists of the time in order to counteract the technology of the Nazis.

The unified field theory developed by physicist Albert Einstein combined the force of gravity with other electromagnetic forces and that theoretical approach constituted the core of the Philadelphia experiment.

Thus, in 1943 the destroyer USS Eldridge launched a new technology and according to some stories a large halo of light completely covered the ship, then became invisible and was finally teleported 800 meters away .

Those who believe in the truthfulness of this story not only sustain the invisibility of the warship and the subsequent teleportation, but also claim that some crew members merged with objects and parts of the ship's structure. Those who maintain this type of version also say that the episode changed their lives.

The other side of the myth

Skeptics show us the other side of the coin. They believe that the defenders of this story never provided conclusive evidence to prove their authenticity . In this sense, the testimonies of some crew members deny the version of the invisibility and teleportation of the ship.

According to most investigations, the creator of the bulo was an individual named Carl Allen, who said he witnessed the strange phenomenon when he was in a boat near the USS Aldridge.

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