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Definition of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is, as its name implies, that which occurs within the family. There is no single pattern of behavior and it can manifest itself in many ways: parents who beat their children and their partners, sexual abuse of the children, assaults of the children on the parents or family environments characterized by insults, harassment and aggressive attitudes.

Different dimensions of violence

Violence is a complex phenomenon with many faces. There is gender violence , in which women are victims of sexist attitudes. There is street violence (organized gangs that act outside the law or radical groups that express their discomfort without respecting others). In the educational field there is bullying or bullying and bullying also occurs in the workplace. The list of violent manifestations is very extensive: in some sports fans, in the mistreatment of animals, in the persecution of homosexuals, etc. There are so many forms of violence that we could say that it is a phenomenon typical of the human condition.

Violence has different levels and nuances. In its more moderate version we find expressions of >

Possible causes of the problem

This social problem is increasing and is not exclusive to marginal and unstructured environments. In the media there are news that highlight a growing violence in the family and these news are increasingly common.

Sociologists try to explain the possible causes of this form of violence. First, the socioeconomic status of a family is decisive, since lack of income and job insecurity are a source of conflict. The educational factor also plays a role, since it is not usual for a family with good training to incorporate violent patterns into their daily lives. Some analysts believe that violence has normalized in the media and videogames and this circumstance can affect family relationships. There are experts in the field who consider that family violence is a consequence of the crisis of the traditional family. Another aspect to consider is the crisis of values ​​in society as a whole, a crisis that causes tensions and conflicts in the family nucleus. As you can see, there is no element that triggers family violence but it is a multifactorial problem.

Possible solutions

Intra-family violence is rejectable from an ethical and social point of view, because it goes against society itself and is a degradation of the human condition. Reporting this form of violence is necessary but it is necessary to find ways to solve it. Some guidelines may be useful to address this problem:

- Maintain a combative attitude towards the problem. This implies a series of actions: making phone numbers available to society to denounce this type of situations, awareness campaigns in the media or promoting mediation figures in family conflicts.

- In the family it is convenient for parents to solve their conflicts avoiding any violent attitude, otherwise the children may end up imitating their parents' behavior.

- In the educational field it is possible to create spaces for dialogue in which parents and children can solve their conflicts with the support of teachers, professors and psychologists.

- If someone knows a case of domestic violence, it is desirable to report this situation, because looking the other way is a form of complicity

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