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In the lower part of the fish's head is the ventresca, so called because it connects with the belly. This part of your body receives other denominations depending on the culture of each territory , such as belly, ijada, ventral or mentresca. In any case, it is an area highly valued from a culinary point of view, especially among the Japanese.

General characteristics of fish belly and its nutritional properties

In most species, ventresque meat contains an abundant proportion of fat. Because of this, it provides a much more intense flavor than the rest of the fish. Its texture is jelly, fine and smooth.

As for its structure, it is laminated and this makes it highly valued for canning, for preparing snacks and for baking with all kinds of recipes.

From the point of view of nutrition , it contains high levels of phosphorus, group B vitamin and vitamin D, as well as fatty acids. All these properties make it a highly prized food to fight coronary heart disease and maintain a healthy diet.

The tuna belly

Tuna is one of the most appreciated fish. On the one hand, it has a series of nutritional properties: it is a source of protein , it contains a large amount of vitamins and a low level of saturated fat. On the other hand, it can be consumed in many ways: fresh, grilled, baked or canned.

For some, it comprises the tastiest part and for this reason it is known as tuna caviar.

In Japanese gastronomy

The Japanese are big fans of fish consumption and tuna is one of the most recognized for making sushi. Formerly they did not consume the ventresca because they believed that its high fat content made it not recommended, and for this reason the ventresca was wasted or was used to feed the cats. Over time this part of the tuna has become a piece of great gastronomic value.

In fact, in Japanese cuisine, Ventresca is divided into three parts: harakami, harakana and harashimo (each one has a different quality ). Different parts of tuna are used to prepare sushi: the head or se-kami, the sirloin of the tuna or se-naka and the three parts already indicated.

It should be mentioned that the shortage of tuna causes that the prices of this fish can reach exorbitant amounts and, in particular, what is described in this article includes the most expensive part.

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