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The word vocalization is used to refer to the act of vocalizing, that is, to prepare the voice that a person must do before using it in public, usually when it comes to singers or people who are dedicated to speaking in public. Vocalization is always very important and should not be skipped because in the same way that happens with the muscles or with other parts of the body, the intensive use of the vocal cords without rest or without preparation can easily generate lesions that can make the voice of Momentary or extended way.

When a person is professionally engaged in the use of his vocal cords to sing or give speeches in public, for example, it is important to resort to vocalization before performing the act in public. Vocalization involves preheating the vocal cords (in the same way that other muscles can be preheated when doing for example an aerobic routine ) to prevent them from being injured and leaving the person speechless (in addition to possible pains) Obviously, depending on the type of need the person has, the vocalization may be of greater or lesser intensity .

Normally there are many vocalization exercises that basically consist of the repetition of vowels, letters or syllables so that the vocal cords go into the exercise and are not completely cold when you start singing or speaking. Relaxation and stretching exercises of the vocal cords are also important, as it is also significant to include the different muscles of the face, neck and chest in the exercise through rest and tension movements , massages or stimulation with liquids lukewarm that can soften existing rough edges. The vocalization also helps to have better tuning when the vocal cords are ready for use.

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