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Definition of Hammock

The cultural tradition of each territory .

It is believed that Native American fishermen used this mode of bed to rest momentarily in the hard and long working hours. This simple gadget is also known as chinchorro, Paraguayan hammock or swing.

From the Caribbean to the rest of the world

The peaceful climate of the Caribbean islands and the outdoor life of its inhabitants was the perfect combination for the invention of hammocks. According to some chronicles about the travels of Columbus, among the first treasures that were brought from America were some of these unique beds. Soon European sailors began using them on the deck of their boats.

They are currently used in all corners of the world (on boats and yachts, on terraces and gardens and even inside the home).

It is a type of rest that is ideal for napping, for momentary relaxation accompanied by a book or for sleeping outdoors when there is no bed and the weather is good. The possibility of balancing on it makes it an ideal entertainment for children . On the other hand, there are mobile hammocks whose purpose is to adapt to any space and circumstance.

Other bed modalities

The canopy bed is the one that has a frame that is covered with curtains that allow the passage of light and at the same time provide greater privacy.

The round bed and the heart- shaped one are designed for rest, but also for sexual practices.

There is also the Turkish, double, cabin, folding or sofa bed, nest, hospital, crib, king size, Japanese futon, Scandinavian style, etc.

All of them have a triple dimension: facilitate rest, decorate the home and provide a comfortable place for privacy.

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