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The term variant observes various references depending on the context in which it is used.

Ways with which something presents itself

Each of the different ways in which something is presented will be referred to as a variant. "The group performed before the producer the same musical theme with its different variants so that he chooses which one could work best among the public."

Forms of the same thing

Also, the variety or difference between different classes or forms of the same thing will be called a variant. "Between the book , which is the original story and the film adaptation, there are really significant variations, because in the second, the main character is not a child but a teenager ."

Deviation of a highway

On the other hand, it is known as a variant to the deviation of a stretch of a road or road , that is, the variant in this sense can be a highway, a road or an avenue that circulates around, or within a city, surrounding it in total or partially, with the clear mission of avoiding that the cars that make route without the intention of entering it avoid to cross it which crossing.

This type of road differs from the ring road, round, peripheral ring, road or perimeter ring.
We must also say that vehicles use this type of road to choose the access that best serves them on their way of penetration to the city or metropolitan area, or even to go from one place to another in the city.

Soccer pools results

Another of the widespread uses is the one we find in soccer pool games, since there is a variant of each of the results with which in the pools it is indicated that the local team ties or failing to lose.

Football pools are very popular games in the world and that are characterized because the player must make a forecast of the result of the football matches that will be played.

You should risk in that forecast if the victory will be local, visitor or draw and also indicate the number of goals.

Vegetable tanned with vinegar

The fruit or vegetable that is pickled in vinegar is also known as a variant. "He added some variants to the table before the arrival of the main course."

Linguistic variant

On the other hand, the concept is used in the field of linguistics to refer to the concept of a linguistic variant and that consists of that specific form of natural education also influences to make differences.

Variants can be observed in vocabulary, intonation, pronunciation and the assembly of expressions, meanwhile, it is in the oral expression where they are mostly evidenced, the writing remaining in the background.

So when we hear a person speak, we can quickly detect the geographical region from which he is a native, that is, if he lives in the countryside, in the city or is from a certain locality, the age group to which he belongs and also the cultural level available.
All of the above is possible to decode through your way of expressing yourself.

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