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When someone raises their voice excessively to communicate they are screaming. The act of shouting is usually done in situations of intense emotional agitation, such as couple discussions, moments of great joy or verbal aggressions accompanied by insults.

The fact of shouting may be associated with both dramatic and joyful situations. When it is shouted in a discussion, it can be a first step towards violent action and when it is shouted in moments of fullness it is simply a way of expressing great satisfaction.

An example of rudeness

If someone has a habit of shouting, it is very likely that this behavior causes the rejection of others. In many countries, shouting is considered a symptom of lack of education .

A feature of Latin culture

Both Spaniards and Latinos in general have a habit of raising their voices in excess in their social relationships. They do not do so in a necessarily violent context, but are part of their cultural tradition . Naturally, this behavior draws attention to other peoples, who do not have the habit of giving voices, because they consider it in bad taste.


If a person sings badly and his voice is not very melodious, it will surely be said of him that he is shouting.

Although in certain situations the action of shouting has a negative connotation , in some social contexts it is something totally accepted, such as to animate a show or to express support in a sporting activity.

In sexual relations there are people who express their pleasure through screams and in this case the voices in a high tone communicate a very intense emotional state.

Young children have a habit of raising their voice in many of the activities. Their screams are the expression of their vitality, but sometimes they can annoy adults.

In written >dialogue on the internet , capitalization is used continuously, a certain verbal aggressiveness is being indicated and, therefore, it is a way of shouting or shouting.

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