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Definition of Manicure

Some parts of our body transmit information about our way of being or even about our lifestyle. This general principle is applicable to hands. For this reason , both men and women perform manicures, that is, the care and beautification of the hands, especially the nails.

From a strictly lexical point of view, there are two different spellings, since in Latin America manicure anglicism is used and in Spain not.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that the person who is professionally dedicated to the care of the hands is also a manicure (in Peru the term manicurist is also used). These professionals carry out their activity in beauty centers or in hairdressing salons .

Basic steps

First, you have to remove the enamel. To remove it, you can use a nail polish remover, preferably without acetone (this process is done using cotton).

The next step is to file the nails so that they all acquire the same size and shape.

In the next step, cream is placed on the nail cuticles and then massaged upwards.

Each hand is then placed in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. In this phase the softening of the cuticles is achieved.

The nails and hands are dried and then the dead skin is removed back with an orange stick.

Finally, the hand is massaged with a moisturizer and finally the nails are painted.

Different techniques and first historical references

Like any other body care, manicure techniques are subject to fashion changes and personal preferences. Among the best known styles include French manicure, reverse French, gel nails, decorated nails and paraffin treatment.

In ancient Egypt, physical appearance was a relevant issue, especially among the ruling classes. It was common for men and women to make up their eyes and take care of their hands (according to some testimonies of antiquity Queen Nefertiti put red-colored nails into fashion among women of the nobility).

In the tombs of the pharaohs gold instruments have been found that were used for nail care. In ancient China, manicured nails did not only fulfill an aesthetic function, since they were also an external symbol of prosperity and wealth. Currently, nail care is considered an art and for this reason many establishments advertise this activity with the name nail art.

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