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windows-vista Windows Vista is the latest launch of the Microsoft company in its line of operating systems.

Officially introduced in January 2007, Windows Vista is the company's most recent operating operating system led by Bill Gates, developed for use on desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and multimedia centers.

Its predecessor, Windows XP, already had five years in circulation, and due to its high costs and investments in development, Windows Vista brought with it an important launch campaign.

Among the improvements available were a new user interface, incorporation of Internet Explorer 7, a sidebar or sidebar, the new version of Windows Media Player, integration with an RSS reader, the Windows Defender antispyware system, the replacement of Legendary Outlook Express by Windows Mail, and greater overall speed and performance.

This version of the operating system began to be sold in its different 6 versions, according to the possibilities and functionalities available in each of them. The versions were: Starter Edition, Home Basic, Home Premium, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate.

Despite the time and efforts invested in this new system, criticism from users and experts was not long in coming soon after its launch. Many criticized him for the time required for its development, in proportion to the actual performance of the system compared to others. In addition, others see with suspicion the fact that the new user interface is so similar to those developed by the competing company Apple, concluding in some cases that it is copies or plagiarisms.
Finally, the system was sold as the safest of the entire historical Windows line and, however, there were detections of security breaches and violations by external agents.

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