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A rookie is a person who starts an activity or profession and, therefore, lacks experience . In some contexts the rookie is welcomed by veterans with some kind of test or heavy joke that must be accepted by the rookie in order to be part of the new collective.

Traditionally the "victims" of hazing are usually students of the first university course, recruits who begin military service or new members of a sports club. In any case, the ritual that is carried out is carried out among young people, as this type of practice is rare among middle-aged people.

These jokes have very different versions

There are moderate ones, such as making the rookie dance and sing in front of the entire group. Others are heavier, such as making the rookie believe that a coach has some kind of mania that drives him crazy. In some cases, hazing may be associated with some type of dangerous or vexatious action and in some exceptional circumstances these jokes have tragically ended.

On hazing there are two opposite approaches. While some consider it a sympathetic tradition and must be maintained, others understand that they are potentially dangerous and, consequently, should be banned in a restrictive manner.

Arguments in favor

There have always been hazing and they represent an initiation ritual. The veterans who imposed their law in their day were the "victims" and in this sense the hazing is part of the life cycle. It is not reasonable to abolish this tradition on the grounds that accidents or traumatic humiliations have occurred on some occasions, since according to this argument all heavy jokes should be prohibited.


There are people who really suffer with hazing and the suffering of others cannot be understood as a simple joke. Its prohibition is a reasonable measure, as this avoids dramatic and painful situations. Forcing someone to pass a test is a form of psychological abuse . In this sense, in recent years some groups of students have partnered to combat them and to denounce them before the courts of justice .

The expression "pay the hazing"

This colloquial expression refers to the lack of experience of those who start in a profession or activity. Thus, when something is done for the first time, it is very likely that some mistake is made or the leg is screwed up and this situation causes some discomfort. In this type of circumstances it is said that someone has paid the hazing.

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