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The concept of Holy Grail has an exclusive use in the field of religion since it is called the vessel, cup, or sacred chalice that Jesus Christ used during the Last Supper with the Apostles before being arrested, crucified and killed .

Relevant part of the liturgy

This element is so relevant within the Christian religion not only because Jesus used it in that final instance of his life but because it is a relevant part of the liturgy, being his blessing during the same one of the culminating moments of the mentioned celebration Catholic

With the Grail blood was collected from Jesus' wound at the time of the crucifixion

According to the Biblical tradition , Joseph of Arimathea, the great uncle of Jesus, was the owner of the sepulcher in which Jesus was buried and was also the one who with the Holy Grail collected part of the blood that shed the wound of Jesus while he was crucified. Now that same Grail was used at the last supper by Jesus himself to consecrate his blood.

During that dinner in which his apostles participated, Jesus took a loaf, broke it and gave it to his disciples to eat it and did the same with the wine, asking him to eat the bread and drink the wine, which linked him with his blood, and asked them to do that in remembrance of him.
As we know, that scene is repeated in the Catholic liturgy and without a doubt it is one of the most exciting moments for the faithful ...

The Grail would have been taken to Britain where a dynasty of guardians looked after him

According to the legend, Arimathea, who was severely persecuted after the death and resurrection of Jesus, would have hidden the Holy Grail in Britain where he founded a Church in the name of Jesus' mother , the Virgin Mary, and also established a dynasty of guardians to take care of it.

The da Vinci Code version on the Grail

It is not known for sure where this precious object is for the history of the Catholic religion. Even the mystery around him has been the subject of controversies, conflicting versions and even a Hollywood movie that captured a huge favor from the public: The Da Vinci Code. The story written by author Dan Brown, and starring actor Tom Hanks, argues that the Grail is a metaphorical representation of Mary Magdalene who would have had a bond with Jesus, even that he married him, and would be the carrier of his lineage. sacred.

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