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Oral and written communication is possible between people thanks to the development of > and each of the words or words that make it up . Because that is a word, every word that integrates a > . For instance, they are essential to communicate and their knowledge and understanding is also essential so that we can understand each other without problems.

That is, the words are the sound and graphic vehicles that people use to designate and call things, and of course they have a reference that will make us understand each other, that we know what we mean, for example.

The words may be made up of a single syllable, such are the cases of yes, no, vi , among others and that is why they are called as monosyllables. While if it has more syllables, one, two, three, four or more we call them in a general way polysyllables.

There are many classifications that exist with respect to the words, although we must point out that one of them is based on the accent they show and so it is that we will be able to find acute, serious or esdrújulos words . The first are those that are accentuated in the last syllable when they end in n, so vocal, the serious ones, which are the most abundant in our >tilde in the last-last They are the esdrújulos.

It should be noted that in addition to the general use words, which would be those that we all know, share and use in our talks, there are other words that are almost exclusively for use in an area or field and therefore their use is not so widespread generating that for example, they are mentioned in a context in which they are not common and people do not understand them immediately and then it is necessary to explain them.

The most popular synonyms that we apply to the word concept are word, term and expression .

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