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A nursery is an agricultural infrastructure for the production of plants, which can be forest, fruit or ornamental. Each type of nursery has a specific objective. The forest nursery is primarily intended for wood production. Fruit tree nurseries are geared towards obtaining fruits. The ornamental type are focused on decorating gardens, parks or indoor urban spaces.

The design of a plant nursery

The first aspect that should be considered is the choice of space and its location. This aspect is relevant, since a series of issues depend on it: the distance to the final destination of the plants, the availability of the workforce, the climate , the characteristics of the soil, the water resource or the exposure to light . Each of these aspects is vital for the optimization of a nursery. On the other hand, when designing a nursery it is necessary to define the most appropriate size for this type of installation.

Other types of nurseries

While plant nurseries are the most common, we must not forget that there are other modalities as well. Due to fishing constraints, fish, crustacean or even nurseries have been created to produce fishing worms or algae destined for the pharmaceutical industry. There are also snail nurseries, which are also known as hatcheries.

In all its modalities and variants, these facilities have a common objective: to optimize production in such a way that it does not depend on traditional natural factors .

Nurseries in the business field

A business incubator is an infrastructure whose objective is to facilitate entrepreneurial activity to entrepreneurs. We must bear in mind that entrepreneurs start their activity with scarce resources and so that they can have an effective and useful platform, these spaces are created.

However, business incubators are more than just a physical space with offices, telephone lines, meeting rooms and furniture, since they usually incorporate other complementary services, such as commercial assistance or the support of public bodies .

In the business world, nurseries are also known as incubators. Apart from the denomination, in these enclosures an attempt is made to create a climate of innovation . In this way, the emergence of new companies is encouraged and it contributes to job creation. A classification of business incubators would be the following: those promoted by the public sector, corporate and those that combine the public with the private.

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