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Definition of Flematic

It is a character that shows patience and tranquility of reasoning , that does not feel the influence of time or the questioning looks on its shoulders, because it is decisive with respect to its convictions and choices.

Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, two English phlegmatics

Sherlock Holmes is the fictional character who starred in the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. He is an English detective, calculator, patient and not very emotional. It stands out for its deductive reasoning and for its acute capacity for observation. He is a refined individual in his customs , likes to smoke a pipe and is fond of chemistry and beekeeping. In Conan Doyle's stories he appears as a misogynist man.

The James Bond character created by Ian Fleming is a British Intelligence Service officer. In the novels and in the movies he appears as an elegant and reserved individual. Although he is a bold man, he never loses his temper (in the most difficult moments he maintains serenity and uses his fine irony against his enemies).

Like Sherlock Holmes, Agent 007 is also a misogynist man (his misogyny is fully compatible with his ability to seduce women). In any case, both represent the idea of ​​English phlegm.

Theory of moods in Hippocrates

When talking about the phlegmatic temperament or any other, we must go back to the creator of the first "scientific" view on this matter, the Greek physician Hippocrates (460 - 370 BC).

Opposing the mythological tradition that attributed the human temperament to the influence of the gods, Hippocrates established a rational criterion. Thus, he understood that the health and temperament of each individual depended on the balance between four fluids or moods: black bile, blood, yellow bile and phlegm.

Those individuals in which black bile predominates have a melancholic, calm and thoughtful temperament. Those who have an excess of blood in their body will be dynamic and active people, but with a certain inclination to exaggeration. If what predominates is yellow bile, this produces a wrathful, passionate and impatient personality.

Finally, if the predominant liquid is phlegm, a peaceful, serene and conciliatory temperament is manifested, although it can also express a tendency to passivity and indecision.

Advantages of being phlegmatic and some inconvenience

When things are not taken to heart, the phlegmatic usually leads a relaxed and uneventful life. With his serene attitude he avoids impulsive and choleric reactions. Because of its natural tendency to reflect, it is very difficult for him to make decisions in a rash manner or to lose control of himself.

As a result of his gentle temperament he has a certain facility for making friends and for social relations. It is difficult for him to make big mistakes, since he adopts a spectator role that observes everything that happens around him but without compromising.

Despite its tendency to balance and serenity, the phlegmatic has difficulty enjoying emotions intensely. On the other hand, your phlegm usually translates into lack of ambition.

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