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Definition of Volunteering

When we talk about volunteering, we are referring to that activity that is carried out voluntarily but that is especially characterized by putting the energy , knowledge or desire to serve those who need it most in the community without receiving anything in return. Volunteering is a lifestyle that touches not only those who are helped (since it changes their lives in many ways), but also touches sensitively to those who help and who understand the importance of common work and Delivery by others.

The notion of volunteering is characteristic of these last decades in which, due to different crisis situations, both specific and generalized, problems that have never been given much attention before such as poverty , misery, domestic violence , abuse and the mistreatment both against human beings and against animals, have gained special importance and presence in all communities. Thus, there are NGOs (or non-governmental organizations, that is, they operate independently) and other forms of social organization whose main objective is to find solutions for those problems that remain unattended.

The volunteer is inserted in this network of organizations as the central figure since it is from him that they can work. Volunteering is the one who moves all the threads and knocks on all doors in pursuit of obtaining funds, collaborations or simply raising public awareness of the issue at hand. The volunteer, as said before, performs all these tasks spontaneously and that is why he does not earn anything in return; The raison d'être of the volunteer is precisely to surrender completely even knowing the complications that implies.

Today the huge number of social organizations of all kinds makes the number of volunteers infinite, some of them can share different causes. In most cases, volunteering is a task carried out by young people and young adults, although there are also many elderly people who spend their free time on solidarity and altruistic issues.

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