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Definition of Vandalism

The concept of vandalism is a concept that has to do with living in society and is applied to designate acts of extreme violence that involve aggressions especially against furniture or real estate that may or may not be its own. The idea of ​​vandalism comes from that barbarian group that pressed against the Roman Empire to enter its borders through violence, generating together with other barbarian groups, the Roman fall and the beginning of the Middle Ages . Vandalism is a very common phenomenon especially in large cities and also especially in the public sphere since it becomes visible through damage, breakage or destruction of elements such as posters, traffic lights, stained glass windows as well as painted and other forms of aggression against other people's properties.

Whenever it is used, the concept of vandalism is endowed with a negative charge that has to do with illegal or illegal acts that threaten private property and that can also generate a lot of damage to third parties, not only economic but also emotional and psychic depending on the type of violence that is exercised. Vandalism is usually carried out by anonymous people who act covertly since these types of acts of violence and destruction are usually punishable by different regional laws.

As stated at the beginning , vandalism is a social phenomenon since it puts peaceful coexistence within a community at risk . This is especially clear when people attempt against public spaces that are free for anyone and whose damages can represent major alterations. In addition, vandalism is also a phenomenon that is encouraged and favored by the masses of people who are inflamed, uncontrolled and angry because the anonymity and the presence of peers who act the same leads the individual to try to get lost in the crowd to act in this way. irrational and violent.

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