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Definition of Involuntary Homicide

Involuntary manslaughter includes the action of taking someone's life, without such an intention. In everyday crime has been committed deliberately. In other words, the circumstances surrounding a person's crime determine a legal or other assessment .

A brief etymological and semantic analysis

If we look at its etymology , the term homicide comes from the Latin homicidium and is formed from two elements: homo is equal to man or human being and the cid root comes from the verb caedere, which means to kill. Thus, killing a person is a homicide, killing an important person is a murder and killing one of the parents is a parricide. Naturally, the person who stars in the killing action is a murderer. As for the involuntary term, it is equivalent to others with the same meaning: unconscious, thoughtless or reckless.

Based on these considerations, involuntary manslaughter is one in which the act of killing is not a deliberate and conscious act, but has been carried out against the will of the aggressor.

Involuntary manslaughter usually occurs as a result of reckless or negligent action

In this type of homicide the one who kills another person does not intend to do so, but rather an accident or carelessness occurs and as a result someone dies. Thus, when someone drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this form of reckless driving can cause someone to run over and cause death. In this case, the driver would not have acted with the intention of killing, but his irresponsible behavior must be legally punished.

In order for a homicide to be considered a murder, certain conditions must be met

In the first place, the act of killing must be carried out with care (this occurs when some means are used to guarantee the death of someone). Second, a reward or promise price (for example, when in return for killing someone the criminal receives a bonus).

The last requirement is cruelty, which involves killing someone causing disproportionate pain (for example, twenty stabs to kill someone is a disproportionate act, since a much lower number would be enough to end someone's life).

If at least one of these three conditions occurs, the homicide becomes murder.

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