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Definition of Symbology

Symbology is the study that is carried out on symbols .
Meanwhile, by symbol refers to that perceptible representation that is made of an idea, whose features are socially accepted by convention . The symbol is a sign but without similarity or contiguity. It should be noted that the signs only mean things, that is, they are mere and simple referents or images of something and the symbol, in addition to meaning the same, has the function of symbolizing, which is the same to say that transmits a message that becomes of the ideas that symbolize the symbol in question.

There are symbols referring to different associations, whether religious, political, commercial, sports, artistic, among others.

A symbol can be made up of real information, extracted directly from the environment and therefore will be easy to recognize and also by shapes, colors, textures, among others, which are visual elements that have no similarity to the objects in the real environment. The symbols can be classified as simple, complex, dark, obvious, useless, effective .

And with respect to the value of action they present, it will be determined by the level of penetration in the mind they achieve, that is, the recognition and memory they wake up.

Symbology is that branch of knowledge that studies a set or system of symbols, that is why it is the specialized part of semiotics , the discipline that is responsible for studying symbols as parts of social life.

The national symbol , for example, is one that a given nation will adopt to represent through it its values, goals, stories, riches and by which it will be identified and distinguished from the rest. Generally, national symbols create a feeling of belonging among the citizens of the country when they adopt it and tend to gather around it. The flag, the shield and the anthem are the most popular national symbols.

Also, the set or system of symbols is designated as symbology .

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