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A trip is the transfer made by people from the place where they live for example other cities within the same country or to another country, and that can have a tourist purpose such as being for rest or vacations, to visit a relative or friend You are living in another city or country, or be motivated by a professional need.

The trip although it can be done on foot, generally and more than anything for a reason of distances is carried out in a means of transport that can be public or private. Cars, buses, trains, boats or airplanes are the most used means of transport to undertake a long trip .

As we anticipated above, trips are made for recreational purposes, but also for work. In the first case, the trips, in addition to serving a person who worked tirelessly all year to rest for two weeks lying on a paradisiacal beach in Central America , can also have a purpose of knowledge of other cultures through the visit to museums, Theme parks or other options planned in this regard.
Meanwhile, in the second case, when traveling for work, it is generally done to get some kind of raw material that enriches the business that is displayed. For example, a person who has a gift shop business usually travels to places like Asia to import some of the things that are produced there and that are widely functional for the development and growth of your company.

In the last century it became very fashionable to delegate the work of organizing a trip (reservations and purchases of airline tickets, hotel reservations and contracting of the main tours to be done once at destination) to a third party known as travel agency and that is a private company that exerts the role of intermediary between the clients, which are those who want to make the trip and the suppliers that are those who commented before, the hotels, the airlines, the cruise ships, among others.

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