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The word fun is a term that is normally used to refer to all those activities that generate joy in those who perform them as they are characterized by being entertaining, cheerful, relaxing or interesting. Fun is the phenomenon that makes a person act with enthusiasm and joy since otherwise he would be in a situation of boredom or at least indifference . Fun, however, is not associated with any type of activity but mainly with those that may have to do with recreation , both physical and mental recreation. Although it is generally associated with the most childish ages, fun can also be present when one is an adult if the activity or action to be carried out is interesting and stimulating for those who carry it out.

It can be said that fun is an important phenomenon for the development and growth of the human being since although issues such as responsibility , work, commitment, effort and seriousness are central in many areas of everyday life, also It is true that enjoying moments of fun and entertainment collaborates with joy, with emotional development, with being able to have a more positive perspective on life, etc. This is why fun, very relevant in the life of a child, must also be present in the life of any adult to help him develop his interests, to concentrate, to rest, etc.

When we talk about fun, it is clear that there is no single way to define the phenomenon. This is because fun is something completely subjective that depends a lot on each one and that has to do with issues such as personal interests, desires, desires, expectations, etc. So, what is fun for someone (for example, riding a bike through an open green space) may not be for another person who may prefer something like going to the movies or enjoying the day in an enclosed space.

In any case, the important thing about fun is to be able to assure the person who is looking to carry it out that this act serves as a moment of relaxation and entertainment in which issues such as responsibilities or limits are not so present and in which You can afford to let your mind and body go a little beyond normal.

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