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Virtualization is a technique that makes it possible to simulate the behavior of a hardware in the form of a computer program, so that it allows the execution of software belonging to another different hardware platform.

Traditionally, virtualization has served video game lovers to be able to run the games of their favorite video consoles on computers, or to run operating systems from other platforms

Like, for example, Mac OS on a PC. Now it is even easier, since Macs are based on x86 microprocessors, so it is not necessary to translate the instructions from one platform to another, although it is true that the apple company includes certain protections in the source code of its software platform so that it does not run out of the hardware that carries the logo of the bitten apple.

Previously, when the Mac OS Classic was running on Motorola 68000 and PowerPC processors, software protections were not necessary, and the virtualization speed was very slow.

Because this is one of the great virtualization handicaps: that being the operating system and the programs "dialoguing" with a layer of software that, in turn, dialogues with another layer of software that is the operating system on which it run the virtual machine, the result is like a bureaucracy multiplied by two.

Video games have also benefited from virtualization to facilitate the execution of games from old platforms in modern systems

Although it may seem a lie, since today's computer systems are much more powerful than those of a few years ago, and logically they should be able to load and run less demanding games in terms of using old hardware .

However, the differences between operating systems (such as, for example, the different generations of Microsoft Windows, and still its predecessor MS-DOS) do not allow many videogames to run a few years ago, without referring to those that come from arcade platforms, which are totally incompatible with modern hardware level computers .

Projects like Mame , an emulator that uses virtualization to allow playing with the original ROMs of the old arcade machines, are the greatest exponent of this practice in the field of leisure.

In the field of productivity, virtualization has been widely used in corporate servers

Either to run software services from a different platform (for example, from Windows running on a GNU / Linux), or to run an entire operating system inside another, or even to isolate services between them, virtualization It also has its field of application in corporate computing .

Many servers of large organizations are completely virtualized, so that they run a basic loader and then several virtualized operating systems with their corresponding shared resources , each serve certain tasks.

Likewise, when we buy a server online to host an online project, in most cases what we are really doing is acquiring the right to use a virtual machine, which we obtain thus isolated from the rest of the other users' accounts.

Solutions for desktop virtualization have also been developed, in the form of software for use by end users and neophytes. Solutions like VirtualBox, Bochs or QEMU allow you to run a different operating system on our desktop machines, like any other application.

Specifically, these three that I have quoted are free software, although commercial payment software also exists.

Although it seems quite modern, virtualization technologies are actually old in technological terms

At the beginning of the 70s this technique was already used, due to the high cost of computers, which led organizations to buy a few machines and assign them various roles.

The need to run old software for different machine architectures has also been one of the reasons for the great growth experienced by virtualization. There are still some large organizations whose daily operations depend on software running under the VAX / VMS operating system, like many banks.

In many cases, they run such software within a virtualization program, on modern servers.

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