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Definition of Sobriety

The word sobriety is a term we use frequently to account for the moderation or the absence of it that shows something , or failing that, someone in his actions, in his behavior .

Moderation in someone's behavior or in the appearance of something

In this sense, sobriety, is linked to an individual with a temperate and calm character, whose behavior is unknown to the scandal and controversy. “ Laura, you must express yourself with greater sobriety in front of strangers. Sobriety has been the key to its success . ”

Meanwhile, that person who behaves with moderation and temperance, and this is an outgoing characteristic of his actions is called sober.

Positive value that allows to manage prudence and avoid excesses

Without a doubt, most people appreciate sobriety as a positive value because it involves avoiding excesses and managing forms in every aspect correctly and prudently.

This allows us to attribute to each thing the importance that it has, for example, not to exaggerate with some issues or minimize others, to analyze them, and to give them all a fair and reasonable value.

This value also helps a person to handle himself properly in the matter of vices; hardly who is sober acts in a misguided way, will know how to manage his finances in a prudent way, will eat and drink carefully and in the right half, will keep the forms before certain people and situations, will dress in a little strident way and that does not attract attention among others .

Absence of shrill ornaments

On the other hand, the lack of ornaments, surface or impacting accessories , is also designated as sobriety .

For many people, especially those who do not like aesthetics or ornate ornaments, sobriety is synonymous with elegance .

Thus, for this type of individuals, a black attire will be the ideal one against a fuchsia one.

And the same situation moves to interior decoration for example, an environment that is full of furniture made of bright colors and voluptuous carvings and lines will be considered as lacking or absent from sobriety.

Of course, in the aesthetic aspect, sobriety is usually quite subjective, some will like to dress and decorate their home in a classic and simple way and others will do the opposite.

Now, in the specific case of people, in their way of being and thinking , sobriety is well seen by a large majority, it is a value that stands out as we said above, and as a counterpart, those who act and they think in a rough, abrupt way, and as we have already approached, many times this untimely behavior can have a very negative impact on people's lives, either on a personal level and with regard to their social integration .

Person who is not alcoholized

And also the term sobriety is used to express the quality of that person who is not drunk .

That is, the counterpart of sobriety in this sense is drunkenness.

When an individual who suffered an acute dependence on alcohol and after performing a treatment can recover from it and not drink even a drop of alcohol will talk about the state of sobriety that fortunately is going through.

Alcoholism is one of the scourges that haunt human beings since time immemorial.

The physical dependence that it generates in the addict and also the consequent predisposition to violence when there is no drink that satisfies the addiction are the two key issues to control so that the person heals and gets sobriety.

In most of the treatments, to combat alcohol addiction, the moment of sobriety is accompanied and guided by individuals who have already gone through the experience and who prop up the patient so that he achieves total recovery and sobriety forever.

It is also essential the support and containment of family and friends, who always help the addicted person to stay away from alcohol and any other agent who tempts to drink again.

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