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Native or imported vegetables from a region

With the term of vegetation is designated to the set of the own vegetables of a land, country or region. Although, in addition to being the flora of the land, that is, the native vegetation, the species that have been imported must also be included in the vegetation of a specific place .

When referring to vegetation, there is no reference to any particular taxon, so that the vegetation can be composed of plants of different characteristics and be subject to the most varied geographical conditions.

The concept of vegetation, then, allows to designate from virgin forests , passing through a set of absolutely wild shrubs and even those gardens designed by the pen of a landscaper .

The importance of vegetation for life on the planet

Meanwhile, the vegetation of a given place is not only important from a visual point of view because of the attractiveness that will be given to the place, but also because it is extremely decisive when it comes to quality of life , due to the production of oxygen, for soil protection and for the carbon cycle . That is, in addition to projecting a beautiful landscape for those who contemplate, vegetation, as we indicated, is very important for the health of all species that grow and live in the same area.

Plant species have the power to produce their own food, for example, it is classified within autotrophic organisms . From the process known as photosynthesis is that they feed by absorbing water from the earth where their roots are rooted. Then, they combine it with the carbon dioxide that is present in the air .

The aforementioned procedure produces the product of starch, very abundant in nature, and which is the main source of energy for autotrophic beings.

Vegetation is the main source of food for herbivorous beings (ingest only vegetables), these being in turn food of the omnivores (feeds on animals and vegetables) and carnivores (their diet is meat only). This is undoubtedly one of the most important functions of vegetation in the life cycle and on the other hand we cannot ignore that thanks to their breathing we have oxygen in the environment and that human beings can incorporate through our breathing.
Oxygen is essential to live.

Vegetation types

We can find different types of vegetation depending on the environment in which it is found. This is the aquatic vegetation , which is the one that will adapt better to humid environments or water. Plants of aquatic vegetation live in lakes, ponds, swamps, deltas, estuaries, either totally submerged or with floating leaves.

Other types of vegetation turn out to be gypsophilic vegetation, typical of those gypsum soils and halophilic vegetation , typical of saline soils.

Health: tonsil hypertrophy that can cause different ailments in children

And on the other hand the concept has a use in the field of medicine, to name a health problem that can affect people and cause excessive increase (hypertrophy) of the tonsils, in the posterior area of ​​the nostrils .

These glands belonging to the lymphatic system are intended to protect children from some typical conditions during childhood.
The inflammation of the same, because of some infection, will immediately block the respiratory and auditory pathways causing serious problems in these important functions.

Sinusitis, voice taken, snoring, earache, and even suppuration of this area are some of the symptoms that allow us to distinguish this condition. That is why if the medical professional examining the patient warns of these symptoms, it will surely indicate the suffering of adenoid vegetation.

Medication will usually be indicated, however, in the most extreme cases, that is, when there is a total obstruction in the nose, surgery may be suggested to end the problem flat.

Some certainly negative consequences of the disease are: deformation on the palate, respiratory problems, bad breath, otitis, among others.

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