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In many aspects and levels of our life we ​​give a fundamental value to the truth , because the truth implies the real, the authentic, the sincerity , which is not feigned, lied or misrepresented .
When you go with the truth in every way and take it as a way to conduct yourself in life, you know that you will have a more real and true existence than if you opt for the opposite: pretend, lie, appear.

Closely linked to the concept of truth appears the truth, which is a word that we use in our >something is true or meets all the conditions to be and is on the way to that .

In life we ​​run into countless events, events and stories, which our relatives, friends, family and even strangers tell us, meanwhile, some of them can be framed as a true story because the conditions that form it are absolutely true or also because we check with other sources involved its truthfulness .
However, there will be others that tell or propose facts based on lies and although it is sometimes easy to detect them, if the person who counts them is someone who has our trust, it may happen that we believe them anyway and fall into a trap.

It is very important to determine through different elements when a story or story is true so as not to fall into deception or add with our transmission to the spread of lies, which normally harm someone.
Either because he suffered deception in the first person or failing that because something is being said that is not true about him; there is always someone who suffers when a liar story is told that concerns him.

On the other hand, in the contexts of TV, cinema , literature and theater, it is common for us to find the representation or the story, as appropriate, of stories that are described as true, precisely because they are based, inspired in real events and are not the product of a screenwriter's ingenuity.
Usually these stories arouse a particular interest in the public, which is especially moved to know the details of events that were timely publicized and whose protagonists existed in reality beyond fiction.

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