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There are two well-used uses for the term seer ; On the one hand, a seer will be called that individual who presents an outstanding quality to see things, and on the other hand, the person who is able to guess the future and clarify those events of the past will also be called.
"Juan has been a seer and knew how to determine that the project would fail" "Maria visited a seer to know if she will finally find the man of her dreams to marry."

Person who has the gift of guessing the future

Meanwhile, the seer is able to know both the past and the future of a person thanks to clairvoyance , which is the quality or rather the capacity of extrasensory perception by which he perceives information through different methodologies that obviously have nothing What to do with the scientific future.

Clairvoyance, mainly, stands out for the capture of phenomena that go beyond the senses because in definitive and as we mentioned, they reach the seer through different means, such as telepathy, dreams, among other alternatives.

An element that is traditionally associated with clairvoyance and seers is the crystal ball, just a glass or crystal ball that is used to guess the future.

The seer ensures to receive through that ball all past, present and future information about a person or topic of consultation.

Also the use of letters is very recurrent in the practice of the seer. During the consultation the person will choose random letters, and the seer, through the interpretation of them will anticipate the events that will happen to him.

A gift impossible to verify scientifically, you only believe it

As a consequence that this faculty or power to know the future is impossible to verify by scientific means, the seer attributes it and only has the support and belief of those who approach him and prove this ability, either because he guessed any question in relation to their past or because they were predicted in due course something that ended up being fulfilled.

That is, by this we mean that in the belief or validity of a seer it will be vital that the people who consult him believe him so that he can give an account of the reality of his divining power.

According to the beliefs of those who firmly believe in clairvoyance, it does not arise just like that or with the sole act of proposing it, since in very few cases it will be possible to develop it, more than anything because it is innate in human beings They manifest it.

The belief in the ability that some have to know their own future and that of others is an issue that has been present in almost every culture on the planet and since time immemorial.

An extended and millenary practice

Currently, the clairvoyance is practiced and manifested in a totally open way in most of the western communities, either through personal consultations with those who enjoy the gift and the special ability to see the future, or failing that through telephone or computer.

It should be noted that the pages proliferate on the internet in which a person can ask a question about what their immediate future will hold.

But clairvoyance is not something of our day, but since ancient times it has been practiced with great repercussion among people, even, despite the domination of empiricism and science, people attribute a lot of entity to those projections that arise from a seer

An activity where deception abounds

Now, we must also say that among the seers abound liars and tricksters, who only seek to obtain a revenue or economic benefit from those desperate people who want to know about their future.

While it is not possible to prohibit a person from believing in what he wants to believe, it is important that it is said that in this environment there are people who only intend to cheat for easy money.

The elements of nature, such as water, fire or earth, turn out to be indispensable vehicles since ancient times when it comes to guessing the future ... Astrology (divination through the ether), pyromancy (divination through fire), hydromancy (divination from water), austromancy (divination by air ), among others.

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