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It is called as a subculture in our >

Culture of minority expression of a society that borders on marginality, has unique characteristics, and is rare for the vast majority

Although the concept is often used to refer to what is in a position inferior to the dominant culture, it is also used to refer to those uses and customs that certain groups manifest with respect to those groups that make up the dominant culture, without This of course implies a lower assessment. However, this does not prevent that in many occasions the subcultures must suffer the discriminatory attacks of the majority.

Urban tribes, such a fashionable concept today is a clear example and expression of subculture.
Meanwhile, we must say that subcultures have distinctive characteristics such as preferences, clothing and >

At the request of Anthropology and Sociology , in which the concept turns out to be habitual and of course the object of study, subculture is the term used to refer to that group of people who share behaviors and beliefs, which result being very different from those that prevail in the dominant culture of the community to which they belong , in case it makes them the minority of which we were speaking.

Differentiated group within a culture that shares various issues

Somehow a subculture is a differentiated group within a culture . Generally, its members meet for various reasons that they share, such as age, ethnicity, sexual identity , musical tastes, common aesthetics, among the most recurrent.

Traditionally, the subculture will define itself by opposition to the culture that dominates in its country or city of origin, in as much as it may be radical or not, that is, effectively present that mentioned opposition but not therefore fight against the dominant culture, being able to live together perfectly.

Those who integrate this or that subculture often share physical appearances that will be those that will somehow identify and combine them.

Main features

Some of the most recurrent are the hairstyles , such is the case of punks that comb their hair in a crest, the floggers , on their side, comb their hair with a straight and flat bangs for the side or the color of clothes , for For example, the Gothic and the very famous for these days subculture of the emos wear the black clothes as a primary badge.

Another common condition within the subculture is the existence and mastery of a proper and particular dialect that, in the hearing of those outside the subculture, is practically unintelligible.

Then, it will be precisely these shared symbols, the color of the clothes, the rare new hairstyles and the dialects that will firmly establish a subculture in a community.
They present a fantastic internal cohesion that leads them to have the same codes that we aimed at and to be very supportive of each other.

On the other hand, a recurring feature in subcultures is the partial acceptance of the norms imposed by the dominant culture; they also tend to revalue certain material values ​​through an illegal and questionable way; they often reject the formal institutions of any society, such as the school, government authorities, security forces and justice.

Groups of people who come together because they share the same tastes there are many in all parts of the world, however, they do not form a subculture because they do not share the physical appearances that we mentioned before and certain postulates such is the case of skepticism and lack of hope in the development of the world that supports the Gothic subculture.

Urban tribes, subcultural manifestations

And the urban tribe , on the other hand, is the group of people who act in accordance with the ideologies of a subculture in the context of a city .
They share tastes for various issues and also practices.

We must distinguish that not all urban tribes have a well-marked and complex identity , some only share fanaticism by a musical group or artist, while there are others that are based and grow around an ideology that they defend, such is the case of the punks.

We must warn that in some occasions that absence of integration of this type of tribes into the society in which they live can generate dangerous situations for the majority who do not share their ideas.
The neo-Nazi groups with their anti-Semitic manifestations are a clear example of this.

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