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sedentarismo Sedentary lifestyle is understood as that lifestyle that is characterized by the permanence in a place more or less defined as a habitat space. The development of sedentary lifestyle has to do basically with reaching certain living conditions that have allowed the human being to live a quieter and safer life by not being permanently dependent on the resources available around him.

Sedentary lifestyle characterized the human being only from the prehistoric period known as Neolithic . In this sense, we can say that the prehistoric man lived around six thousand years as a nomad in search of new resources every time they were exhausted around him. The development of sedentary lifestyle had to do with the advent of certain causative phenomena, among which the discovery of agriculture was of paramount importance.

The human being, when inventing the methods of agriculture, could stop relying on the resources that were around him to start producing his own food himself . This, coupled with the domestication of animals, the work of ceramics and the development of better tools, would transform the human being into a sedentary individual who could begin to enjoy a better quality of life .

Today, the term sedentary lifestyle also applies largely to a modern lifestyle in which the enormous availability of technological facilities leads the average individual to develop a monotonous life, without movement and with minimal physical efforts. Such a situation results in the increasingly evident presence of health complications such as obesity, diabetes or cardiac complications, even in minors or children. In addition, the consumption of high-fat and caloric foods, coupled with the constant use of technological devices have allowed the advancement of life forms in which physical , recreational and social activity is increasingly scarce.

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