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Verification is an action that someone carries out with the mission of verifying that something or someone is authentic or that they say and represent the truth .

Infinity of things, objects and even people are plausible to undergo a verification process.

In the case of people it is usual that before entering a large public or private building they are asked to verify their identity , usually through passwords, fingerprints, among other modalities in this regard.

Some objects or luxury goods, such as signed jewelry, watches, furniture and clothing, are usually verified before being acquired by an individual or by an auction company and then resold or auctioned, just to highlight the particular value that it has for being a limited piece of an author or for the original signature that it brings.

This work is carried out by experts in the field, not always who acquires or resells antiques knows the value of all the pieces that he buys and that is why when an important piece of which is in doubt arises, he summons a specialist to endorse or deny its value.
Because of course, in the verification of its authenticity or it will not be the reseller's business.
And the same happens if it is a private individual who acquires it, will want to determine for sure and without a doubt if the piece it acquires is one hundred percent real.

But verification is present in many contexts and areas as we have already indicated and where it is also common to find it is in scientific research , since the verification of a fact at the request of this type of research turns out to be an impossible step to ignore if you want Prove or disprove a theory.

Cars that circulate in the usual traffic of a city and construction sites are also plausible to receive a special verification to ensure that both cars and buildings enjoy a satisfactory operation that in no way endangers citizens .

On the other hand, the concept is used to state that the prediction that a person made timely was fulfilled. The rise of the dollar implies the verification of the comments made by the journalist of channel 13 .

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