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Definition of Surveillance

Watch something or someone

In its widest use, the term surveillance refers to the action and the result of monitoring something or someone .

System by which the action is carried out

Meanwhile, in the same way, the system organized and trained to carry out the surveillance action is designated.

Basically, surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior of people, objects or processes that are inserted within a given system with the aim of detecting those who interfere with the compliance of current norms, desired or expected, intrusive , thieves, spies, among others.
Although, as we mentioned, the term is used repeatedly to refer to all those forms of observation and monitoring, not only the visual, although, in any case, the visual will always be the icon and the most effective in most cases.

Technology at the service of surveillance

To carry out an effective surveillance, both at a public and private level, that is, both in public spaces such as plazas, bathrooms, government agencies and in companies, museums, shopping centers, among others, the implementation of a closed circuit of Television turns out to be an ideal alternative that will allow you to monitor large spaces simultaneously and without anything escaping the view.

But the closed circuit by TV does not turn out to be the only method but there are many, more or less technological ones that complement and help, such as secret listening, telephone listening, directional microphones, micro cameras, GPS tracking, military recognition, aerial reconnaissance, computing devices, observation through binoculars, correspondence interception, monitoring, among the most used.

Use of wiretapping to resolve court cases

In the judicial field, for example, wiretapping is a fundamental resource when it comes to disrupting gangs of criminals, illegal associations or any other crime. Generally, it is a judge who formally requests the relevant authorities to track certain mobile or fixed telephone numbers through which it is assumed a priori that sensitive information can be obtained on a case under investigation .
It should be noted that this type of listening will only be valid when authorized by competent authorities.

Both for the forces that are responsible for ensuring the security of a Nation and for the companies that are responsible for providing security to its customers, surveillance is a really useful tool to carry out its purposes.

Insecurity, a key factor in the development of increasingly expert surveillance

In recent years and especially in those places that are worthwhile, because of the people who reside there or simply because insecurity has intensified, the number of companies dedicated exclusively to providing private surveillance services has increased significantly.
Private residential buildings, residential closed neighborhoods, public buildings that house important authorities and personalities of politics and other areas that are usually of great importance are usually monitored by a group of people who have the mission to ensure their integrity.

On the other hand, there are objects or elements of enormous value that require special and very rigorous vigilance because they are worth millions of dollars or because they turn out to be indispensable in some aspect. Then, around them there are important follow-ups and surveillance that usually consist of security personnel and also cameras that control them 24 hours a day.

We cannot ignore when addressing this issue the privacy conflicts of people that usually arise when surveillance measures, especially for the provision of security cameras, are extreme in public spaces. Many times, people feel harassed by this overwhelming vigilance and can rebel against it. The truth is that they are minor cases but that can lead to complications in surveillance tasks, for example someone who takes legal action so as not to be followed or monitored.

The important thing is that vigilante and guarded understand that the motivation of that control is not to interfere in the private life of anyone but to take care of facilities or the integrity of any issue.

Clinical surveillance , on the other hand, turns out to be the monitoring of those diseases or public indicators linked to health , such as symptoms that anticipate bio-terrorist actions, carried out by epistemologists and health professionals.

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