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A showcase is a piece of furniture that has a wooden or iron structure , usually with shelves of the same material, and the rest, usually the front and sides is all glass , since its main use is the exhibition of valuable items or fragile , such as crockery, watches, jewelry, books, among others.

Furniture used as a tableware organizer, books, among others and that stands out for a glazed front that makes the exhibition possible

As it is a closed and glazed piece of furniture, the showcase will preserve the objects inside it from possible breakage, theft, and the earth and dust that usually flies in the environment and also, will allow the direct visualization of what is found arranged inside.

Although the showcases are furniture typical of family homes, they have also become super functional furniture for shops, since they allow the display of products and at the same time preserve them from the careless manipulation of the public.

Features and materials

The showcases can be made from different woods and in the most varied forms, so we can find oak, cedar, pine and low showcases, tall as the average height of an individual, rectangular, square , round, among other alternatives.

Generally, as we mentioned, they have shelves, which can be made of glass or wood, which allow to organize the contents of it in an orderly way and have a door or several, in the front part that usually has a key that allows its hermetic closing and manipulation by a single person who is the one with the key.

The showcase is undoubtedly one of the most classic storage and organizational furniture that exists and stands out precisely in this aspect for the functionality it offers and the satisfaction of these demands mentioned.

Now, we must also mention that it is furniture that offers a unique aesthetic imprint for the display design that characterizes them.

If you want to display objects, dishes, books, or any other element of your home, they are the ideal furniture to do it, however, its use is not recommended when the intention is not to show something, for these cases blind storage furniture is recommended, or that is, they do not allow to see inside.

Home and commercial use

For example, the interior decoration greatly values ​​this furniture, and recommends its application at home, in dining rooms, and kitchens to store dishes and display it, or in living rooms, bedrooms, and desks to organize books.

The experimentation and mobility that has dominated the decoration also generated that this traditional furniture is applied in other spaces of the house such as the bathroom and the room; Let us keep in mind that decades ago I did not think about it in these places of the house, its use was reduced to the dining room.

And the commercial premises have also managed to exploit its benefits and it is common to appreciate several showcases in the businesses that show us how much is there for sale.

Then, in the houses, in the shops and also in museums, we will be able to observe showcases.

Meanwhile, in the case of showcases used in shops, they are specially designed to add to the functionality within the trade , in many cases, they have wooden bases, metal profiles and sliding doors.

As we already indicated, the showcases can be made of different materials and display different designs.

They are marketed in furniture businesses mainly, or they can be tailored according to the needs of the carpenter.

Or also, in recent years, as a result of the vintage trend that has been imposed on the decoration, it is common for people to acquire old, used display cabinets and restore or intervene to their liking, either washing the wood if the luster It appears dark, or painting them of some color, for example white or pink.

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