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Definition of Prayed Vote

Voting citizens who are outside the national territory can vote through the consulates and embassies of their countries abroad. However, for this it is necessary that they carry out some procedures and that, in some way, they ask the authorities of their country to cast their vote. Because of this, this procedure is known with the term "begged vote."

The vote prayed in Spain

At present, Spanish citizens who have their residence outside Spain are facing a series of complex procedures to vote. First of all, they have to get in touch in writing with the electoral census offices (OCE) within certain deadlines to request the vote. In addition, they must do so by regular mail. Once the application is received, the OCE sends the ballots so that the citizen can vote, either by mail or at the headquarters of the consulate that corresponds.

The prayed vote is not a traditional modality in Spain, but began to be used as of 2011 with the introduction of a new electoral law . Naturally, this situation has generated complaints among many citizens living abroad. His discomfort focuses on several aspects:

1) is a system that puts obstacles to the vote,

2) the established deadlines are short and

3) there are delays in sending ballots.

Due to all this, a significant number of votes are invalidated or many citizens directly decide to give up their right to vote. This circumstance has generated protest platforms and, at the same time, it has been proposed that the requested vote be definitively suppressed and that a more simplified and direct system can be voted (for example, distributing ballot boxes and ballots in the various consulates abroad or through a telematic system in which the traditional ballot is not necessary).

In some countries, residents abroad can vote through a telematic system. With this modality the requested vote would not be necessary

Telematic voting or electronic voting is already used in several countries for citizens to vote abroad, such as Belgium, Estonia, United States, Brazil or India. The procedure is relatively simple: an electronic ballot box is installed in each consulate, registered citizens identify themselves through an official document and then choose the political option they want through a touch screen. For proof of the vote cast, the voucher of the vote is printed.

Although this type of vote is technically possible, some electoral process experts believe that it is not entirely safe.

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