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Vernacular means proper to a place. Thus, it is possible to speak of folklore, an architecture or a vernacular name. However, the word we analyze presents its true meaning in the context of linguistics , the discipline that studies >

The >mother tongue . In this way, a Japanese child who lives in Mexico will have a mother tongue, Japanese that he has learned in the family environment and, at the same time, will have a vernacular, Spanish that he learns in school and in his social environment. Thus, we can define vernacular >territory .

The linguistic situation in Spain, Mexico and Argentina

All >classification is not the only one, since some linguists argue that both Valencian and Majorcan are different modalities from Catalan.

On the other hand, in some territories other minority >education system and are used in the administration and those that do not have this legal recognition are minority linguistic modalities and with a marginal literary tradition.

A similar situation occurs in Mexico, where Spanish is the official >

In Argentina, the only official >

Minority >

As a general rule, almost all countries have a common official >

Keep in mind that if a community of speakers cannot learn their >

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