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Two Step Validation - Definition, Concept and What it is

When we use our password to identify ourselves in, for example, our email account , we run a risk : that, if intercepted, someone could enter as if he had the key to our house in his pocket.

For this, what is done is to introduce a second way of identifying ourselves, giving way to what is called “double factor identification ” or in two steps.

The double factor identification consists of authenticating in two different and unrelated ways to log in to the online services. The most common way is using the mobile phone

This is because the cell phone is, today, the most widespread personal device in the world, and is done by SMS, since it is the only common messaging to both feature phones and smartphones.

To understand it, let's give a practical example: access our email account. Once we have given our username and password, the system warns us that it has sent us an SMS message to the mobile with a numerical code , and that we must enter said code.

In this way, we have used two different elements such as the username and password we have stored, and a code generated at the time it reaches one of our mobile devices.

But how exactly does this protect us? Well, if before, a cybercriminal only needed to have access to our username and password to gain control of our account, now he must also have our mobile phone.

You may think " so what? you can steal it from us, or clone it ”and that is relatively easy, indeed, but not so much if we are talking about a cybercriminal who lives in another part of the world, for example.

Another advantage of a two-step validation or authentication system is that if someone tries to validate from a device that is not of the usual use, the system will immediately send an SMS message to our mobile with a code, which we will not have requested, so we can see that we are suffering from an attempt to cyber attack.

" This is fine, so what do I need to activate it? “Well, each service is a world, and in each one there is a different way of doing it.

The best thing is that, if we want to activate this two-step verification system in our email, cloud file service or another, we will go to the help of the service, since in each one it is done differently .

The main online services already have this tool , which is considered much safer than the traditional "dry" validation method.

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