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Definition of Münchhausen Syndrome and SMPP

It is a mental illness raised in 1951 in which the patient pretends a medical condition with the purpose of attracting attention among his relatives. It does not escape medical studies and procedures , but tends to consult between different doctors and hospitals, until the diagnosis is desired. In this line, investigate what you want to suffer, to represent the symptoms in the best possible way. He may even hurt himself in order to convince others, which differentiates him from the hypochondriac, since the latter would never submit to it.

Subsequently, a new variant of this pathology was introduced, the Münchhausen by Powers syndrome (SMPP). This version basically consists in provoking a disease to a loved one, normally expressing the following pattern of behavior : a mother poisons a child or causes some type of serious illness, and then the mother herself expresses a great concern for the state of your child's health.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that in both versions of this syndrome the patient is fully aware of his manipulative behavior.

Who was the Baron of Münchhausen?

In medicine, the name of some pathologies corresponds to the name of the researcher who identified them for the first time, as is the case with Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome or Caroli disease. This pattern is not met with Münchhausen syndrome.

Baron Von Münchhausen was a German military man who lived in the XVlll century and who joined the Russian army to fight against the Turks. After his time in the army, he began to be known for the extravagant stories he told, coming to affirm that during his period as a soldier he had traveled to the Moon, that he had managed to get out of a well by pulling his own hair or that he had made a trip on top of a cannonball

His fantastic stories became very popular and several writers made him a literary character ( apart from the novels, the baron's wanderings were taken to the big screen several times).

When the patient is the caregiver

The SMPP is a very peculiar mental disorder, since the person suffering from the disease seems to be totally healthy. Thus, while doctors try to cure a patient with aches and pains, there is actually another patient who pretends to be devastated by the medical situation of the person in his care.

The role of "caregiver" masks a serious form of abuse . This situation is very strange and seemingly contradictory and because of this doctors have difficulty detecting mental illness.

Frequently, the first indications of this pathology are identified when doctors observe in the patient's history a too high number of admissions .

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