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The wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced from the fruit of the grape, mediating the alcoholic fermentation of its must or juice, said fermentation is achieved through the action of the yeasts that will transform the sugars of the fruit into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide .

Although this does not remove, that before, other civilizations have not tasted it, the origin of the wine goes back to the Neolithic stage and it was managed to track it until that moment thanks to the finding of a vessel dating from the year 5.400 BC and in which they were found vestiges of it. From there, this drink known worldwide to all, was expanding and becoming customary in other cultures such as Greek and Egyptian, among others and preserved until today.

Since its discovery , wine has not only been used as a drink that quenches thirst and accompanies meals, but its presence has also been and is synonymous with celebration in almost all parts of the world , because advertising will obviously be had to see when presenting it as a guest at the meeting of friends or as a fundamental piece when organizing a romantic dinner, but as I said before, in ancient times, marketing, advertising and its derivatives they existed and were already used as a symbol of celebration or meeting at banquets of high society or in the celebration of treaties.

The definition that I provided at the beginning only reaches classic wines, however, a good amount of others are distinguished that differ from the former because they are made by other substances and practices.

The red wines are made with red grapes, the white ones that are made with white grapes and a good amount of others that mix some of these characteristics such as: claret, ice, varietal, boutique, medicinal, sparkling wines, among others.

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